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Record Breakers Network is the MP3 Record Pool division of JEI Network. Our Pool consists of 15,000 DJ’s around the country (RADIO, mixtape, club, satellite & Internet), over 215,000 music & program directors, club, record pools, music blogs, satellite, INTERNET DJ’s, music magazines, MUSIC WEBSITES, PUBLIC RELATION FIRMS, trade magazines, booking agents, and record label executives.

Record Breakers Network is a DJ record pool that is a promotional tool for (Record labels, Promotion companies and Artists) used for servicing DJs.

This service is provide FREE FOR ALL DJS who are approved and accepted in the pool after passing our pre-screening test by our staff. Once a user joins the record pool our services is only provided to them and mp3 are sent only after approval.

We e-mail (Radio DJs, Mixshow DJs, Club DJs, Mobile DJs and Billboard Reporting DJs)

There is a service fee for artists or record labels to use Record Breakers Network to service our DJs.

All promo servicing to our DJs is secure & private.
No public use

We e-mail DJs in our database with MP3 as a direct digital bundle download (which include mp3 or wave, cover art, social links, music video).

We service a variety of music formats (Urban, Dance, Rock, Pop, Hip, Hop, R&B, Reggae, Reggaeton).

Term: Record Pool
A music pool, record pool or DJ pool is a method of promotional music distribution that allows DJs to receive promotional music to play in nightclubs, radio and mobile sets. The music industry sends their newest releases to the pool of DJs; in exchange, the pool provides feedback on each release as well as exposure in their club and radio stations.

Wikipedia: Record Pool